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Worship Survey Results


Dear friends,

Worship is at the heart of the life of a church.  Our missions, our spiritual formation, our evangelism all flow from how we are formed in worship to praise God and to offer the whole of our lives to our Lord Jesus Christ.  At St. James, we take seriously our call to excellence in all aspects of worship.   

So we want to thank you for your participation in our worship survey this past June. The purpose of this survey was to take a pulse of the congregation—give members an opportunity to communicate about the worship—so church leaders could get a sense of what possibly should be tweaked in order to improve our excellence in worship.  The purpose of the survey was NOT to make wholesale changes and the timing of the survey at the time of great staff turnover was a coincidence.

Here are the results:

We had a valid sample size of 205 responses—a healthy return for a survey.

The overall satisfaction rate was very high.  In the Sanctuary services, those who were very satisfied or mostly satisfied were 93%.  In the ConneXions services, that rate was 81%.  The majority of folks (43%) cited the sermon as their top reason for worshiping at a specific service.

The type of music was chosen as the most popular second choice (the question asked respondents to rank items from 1-5).

Given the recent, unanticipated transition in our worship leader for the ConneXions services and the wider range of feedback and hopes for those services, we anticipate the formation of a short-term focus group to help discern the possibilities for these services and advise our SPRC as permanent staffing solutions are considered. 

In the Sanctuary, we will continue to tweak our worship service with an eye on excellence, but we do not anticipate any major changes in the 8:45 or 11:00 services.  Carry on!

Now, here’s the most important part. The fancy word for “worship” is “liturgy,” the etymology of which is this:  “work of the people.”  Worship at its finest is just that.  Every hour of worship reflects countless hours of people behind the scenes:  staff, musicians, acolytes, altar guild, greeters.  And it would not be the “work of the people” without the congregation’s participation. 

As we worship this Fall, let’s all give God our best effort and our highest praise!  Whether we worship early or late, whether we worship with guitars or the organ, we worship the same God!  And as a church, we will continue to strive to give God our best effort in the “work of the people”!  

The Worship Committee
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