AGAPE Christmas Boxes

Give as Christ Gave to You – Project AGAPE
As Christ gave himself for us, we give ourselves for others. One way we do this is by remembering children who are less fortunate than us.

Thanks to NC Conference churches, over 3,000 Agape boxes were sent as Christmas presents for children in Armenia in 2016. Many went to immigrant children from war ravaged Syria.

YOU can be part of the Miracle!

 Project AGAPE — ministry to Armenia and to some of our most desperate Christian brothers and sisters — is a collaborative effort of the North Carolina and the Western North Carolina Conferences of The United Methodist Church in a joint effort with the Armenian Apostolic Church.


We are working to provide religious humanitarian assistance to a country trying to adjust after a devastating earthquake, a border war with Azerbaijan, refugee resettlements, and the failed Soviet economic and political system.  Armenia lies in the Caucaus Mountains, tucked between Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.  The nation gained its independence in 1991, after 70 years of Soviet domination; however, control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region is still contested by Azerbaijan.  More recently, refugees from the Syrian civil war are flooding into Armenia, in need of relief.  Project AGAPE is the only NGO willing to work in this troubled region.  Harsh winters and widespread poverty make Armenian children particularly vulnerable. NCC AGAPE Christmas boxes are going to these children –  a tangible expression of Christ’s love and the compassion of North Carolina United Methodists.


NCC churches shipped over 3,000 Christmas boxes to Armenia.  These simple gift boxes brought smiles to the faces of children, raised the morale of parents, and generated thanks to God that someone  remembered them on Christmas, one the holiest days of the year.  The NCC Missions Team thanks everyone who participated last year and challenges them to do even more this year.
We will be collecting boxes again this summer.  Please bring them to the Fellowship Hall stage before June 30th.  See the instructions on filling a box for Project Agape at
Additionally, churches donated $1,000 to the AGAPE Cattle Project to buy a cow for an immigrant family, supplying the family with milk and enabling the family to become self-sufficient. Other cash donations help pay salaries for AGAPE staff inArmenia, office and transportation expenses for Christian relief response, and salary support for a priest and doctor in Berdzor … one of the most impoverished places on earth. A donation of $100, or whatever you can afford, will make a big difference. Thank you for your support!
Please make checks payable to:
NC Conference—Project AGAPE
100% of your gift goes to the ministry.
Please note that this is not Operation Christmas Child.  This is a United Methodist Conference mission that will be in addition to our collections for Operation Christmas Child.  Information on OCC will come soon.