Children’s Christmas Eve Service



Children’s Christmas Eve Service
Especially “For” and “By” the Children
3:00 pm on December 24th in the Christian Life Ministries Center (CLMC)


There are reading, nativity, & server parts available for this service.
We will have one rehearsal on Sunday, December 17th  at 4:30 pm.


As in years past, we are in need of volunteers to help present this sweet program. We need “actors” to portray on stage the parts of Mary, Joseph, the Star, the Angel Gabriel,  the Lead Shepherds, and the 3 Wise Men. (These parts do not have speaking parts.)

We also need children who can stand in front of the congregation and be readers. We will need a few ushers, an acolyte, and a cross bearer, as well.

If your child is interested in being one of these parts, please email Molly at:  right away!
If we have more than one child interested in a particular part, Molly will draw names from a hat.

We will have a rehearsal on Sunday, Dec. 17 at 4:30 pm in the CLMC to run through the program and practice parts. If your child is one of the parts above, he/she will need to be here for the practice.


Also as in years past, ALL children will be allowed to participate in the service even if they are not one of these main parts. Any child who wants to dress up as a shepherd, sheep, or angel may do so and come forward to sit on the risers during the service. This is BY FAR, our favorite part of this service! We will have some costumes available at the church that day, but homemade costumes are welcome and encouraged! A bathrobe serves as a great shepherd costume, sheep can dress in all white with a black nose and gloves for hoofs, and angels can be as simple as a pair of wings and a halo over a Christmas dress! No need to go out and buy anything. Be creative and work with what you have at home!

There will be no childcare during this service, as this is a service for the children. It will be noisy, but that’s how Jesus would want it! 😇


Easy costume suggestions:
Shepherd – A bathrobe and a hand towel tied over the head.
Sheep – White shirt and pants with black socks on hands and feet.  Head band with felt ear attached.

Angel – White dress or a pillowcase with head and arm holes cut out with a gold or silver garland halo placed on the head.