Chairperson                                                        Darrell Harrison (18)

Vice Chairperson                                                Henry Pasour (18)

Secretary                                                             Jan Lamson (18)

Lay Leader                                                          Donnie Bunn (19)

Lay Members to Annual Conference                Mike Arny (18)
.                                                                            Marianne Leventry (18)
.                                                                            Lanie Shive (17)

Financial Secretary                                           Marianne Leventry

Treasurer                                                            Tom Pauling

Finance Chair                                                    Randy Davis

Trustee Chair                                                     Christian Porter

Staff-Parish Chair                                              Tim Barrett

Council on Ministries Chair                              Scott Heritage

Lead Pastor                                                         Ben Alexander

Associate Pastor                                                Mark Woods

Pastor of Adult Discipleship                             Joyce Day

Director of Youth Ministries                              Abigail Gillette

Director of Children’s Ministries                      Molly Carpenter

Directors of Traditional Music                          James & Nicole Franklin

Director of Contemporary Music                       

Director of Communications                              Alan Gill

Facilities Manager                                             Don Harvey


Administrative Board Members at Large

2017-2018                                      2018-2019                               2019-2020
Jennifer Adams                             Robin Pierce                           Rhonda Asher
Laura Brechtelsbauer                   Amanda Tilley                        Heather Larsen
Michael Holt                                  Mike Webb                             Anna Hackett



Chair                                                                       Scott Heritage

Vice Chair                                                               Stephen Anthony

Prayer Ministry                                                     Mike Arny

Higher Education/Campus Ministry                   Elizabeth Westbrook

Missions                                                                 Nan Rogers
     Tommy Ellis

Worship                                                                  Chris Garcia

Membership Care                                                 DeAnne Smith

Outreach/Hospitality                                           Elizabeth Tyson

Stewardship                                                          Ed Mann

Environmental Stewardship                               Deb Culbertson / Sherry Gregory

UMW President                                                    Tammy Stephenson

UMM President                                                    Spruill Alexander

Youth Ministries                                                   Jon Murray

Adult Ministries                                                    Lynne Garrison

Prime Time Ministries                                          TBD

Small Group Ministries                                        Joyce Day

Women’s Ministries                                               Kirstin Tart /  Nicole Franklin

Family Ministries                                                  Victoria Respess

Children’s Ministries                                            Katie Greenberg
Weekday School Board Ministries                       Jennifer Haddock             





Board of Trustees

2017-2018                                  2018-2019                                 2019-2020

Scott Carpenter                         Lisa Harner                              Christian Porter

Phil Nichols                               Jeff Jefferson                            Troy Perkins

Gary Riggs                                Judy Murad                               Mary Shearin



Staff-Parish Relations Committee

2017-2018                                  2018-2019                                 2019-2020

Rhonda Asher                           Tim Corley                                Tim Barrett
Ed Mann                                   Emily Heritage                         Will Larsen

                                                                                                    Artie Rogers

Lanie Shive, Lay Delegate
Donnie Bunn, Lay Leader


Finance Committee

2017-2018                                  2018-2019                                 2019-2020

Randy Davis, Chair                  Jimmy Creech                           Wally Heritage

Vic James                                  Mary Ruth Sikes                      Tony Franklin

Chips Smith                              Bill Sturgis                                Martha Crisp

Treasurer                                                    Tom Pauling

Lay Leader                                                  Donnie Bunn

Administrative Board Chair                      Darrell Harrison

Accountant (ex-officio)                               

Lay Member to Annual Conference           Marianne Leventry

Stewardship Chairperson                           Ed Mann

Board of Trustees Chairperson                  Christian Porter

Council on Ministries Chairperson            Scott Heritage

Permanent Endowment Representative    Russell Eaves


Lay Leadership

2017-2018                                       2018-2019                                       2019-2020

Wally Heritage                               Ed Mann                                         Judy Murad

Kathy Mitchell                               Kathryn Perkins                             Richard Allsbrook

Elizabeth Tyson                             Donnie Bunn                                   Greg House



Adult Ministries

Team Leader                                            Lynne Garrison

Prime Time Ministry Coordinator          Carol Fornes

Small Group Ministries                           TBD

Women’s Ministries                                 Kirstin Tart / Nicole Franklin

Prayer                                                      Mike Arny

At-Large Members                                  Harold Blackwelder & Stephen Anthony


Children’s Ministries

Chair                                                       Julie Howard

Education Leaders:
     Living Water Team Coordinator        Sue Raedeke
     TGIW                                                 Ebea Hobgood

     VBS                                                     Karen Medlin

Fellowship Groups:
Wild 1’s                                             TBD

Safe Sanctuary Coordinators                 Jennifer Haddock

Family Life Team                                   Victoria Respess


Youth Ministries

Youth Group Team Leader               Jon Murray

Katie Greenberg                         Theresa Sprague                    Martha Crisp
Morgan Hackett                         Alexander Sprague                 Rachel Woolard
Anna Hackett                             Tate Jones                               Landin Haddock
James Heritage                          Carter Lamson


Permanent Endowment Committee

2017-2018                                  2018-2019                                2019-2020

Mike Colombo                           Lynn Whiteford                        Jan Murphy

Thomas Rouse                          Russell Eaves, Chair                Susan Barrett

Treasurer (ex-officio)                       Tom Pauling

Financial Administrator                  Marianne Leventry

Worship Representative                  Chris Garcia

Missions Representative                  Nan Rogers

Trustees Representative                  Jeff Jefferson

COM Representative                       Scott Heritage



Elizabeth Tyson, Chair

Mug Ministry                            Emily Blankenship


8:45   Gloria Manning                      11:00   Janice Calfee

9:00   Jeff and Jennifer Adams        11:11   Bill/Donna Duffy

Information Booth

8:45    Lynn Gammell                       11:00   Kathryn Perkins
9:00  &  11:11      Nancy Gray

Golf Cart Ministry                   Henry Parker

New Members Reception         Tony Joyner

ConneXion Cafe                       Mike/Camy Webb


Membership Care

DeAnne Smith, Chair

    Sonshine Group:
Janice Calfee, Chair                
Kathy Dosser                             Cheryl Esarey                                Phyllis Goforth
Richard Hall                              Mary Heath                                    Anne Heritage
Gus/Ruth Ann Keyes                 Judy Murad                                   Barbara Tenpenny
Jan Lamson                               Gloria Manning                              Barbara Tenpenny
Ellen Pauling                             Mae Shugart

    Helping Hearts:      Lanie Shive, Chair

    Caring Friends:      Hank Harvey, Chair
    Barnabas Society:  Gloria Manning
    Grief Ministry:       Susan Schwing, Chair
    Condolence Committee

Lanie Shive



Chris Garcia, Chair
Bill Cox, Sanctuary Ushers              Tommy Shaw, Catherine Rouse, Altar Guild
Irene Gerow              Alan Gill              Lynne Garrison                              Donnie Bunn
Gloria Manning
Director of Traditional Music – James & Nicole Franklin
Director of Contemporary Music – Jennifer de la Montagne


Altar Guild

Tommy Shaw, Co-Chair                    Catherine Rouse, Co-Chair

Nancy Medlin                                   Becky Brittle                              Judy Murad
Betty Fuqua                                      Jan Lamson                               Edith Potts
Neel Carson                                      Carolyn Daughtrey                    Rick Hall
John McKnight                                 Troy/Kathryn Perkins                Greg House

Elaine Price, Paraments

Usher Coordinators

8:45 am       Bill Sturgis
9:00 am       TBD
11:00 am     Bill Cox
11:11 am      TBD

Communion Stewards

8:45 – John McKnight                     11:00 – Gene/Betty Foster
9:00/11:11 – Phyllis and Greg House
Purchaser of Communion Elements:  Rosie Pasour



Nan Rogers, Co-Chair                       Janet Berry                           Aaron Sampson
Tommy Ellis, Co-Chair                     Scott Heritage                       Chris Austin
Richard Allsbrook                              Lora Joyner                           Molly Carpenter
Lead Pastor:  Ben Alexander
Growing in Grace:  Tonita Brannan, Tammy Stephenson, Susan Barrett
Operation Christmas Child:   Rea Purvis
Congregations For Children (C4C):  Lora Joyner
Crossroads Community Center:   Aaron Sampson


Higher Education/Campus Ministries

Elizabeth Westbrook, Chair

Phyllis House                                   Elaine Johnson                       Lorie McCallum
Tonita Branan                                  Brenda Woolard



Prayer Ministry

Mike Arny, Chair                              Becky Bagley



Ed Mann, Chair

Jeff & Debra Jefferson                      Darrell Harrison                    Brad Sikes

Tim Barrett                                       Mark & Theresa Sprague


Environmental Stewardship

Deb Culbertson, Co-Chair                  Sherry Gregory, Co-Chair

Caitlyn Seyfried                                 Bobby Culbertson

Nan Rogers                                         Ted Whitley                            Lynn Olsefski


Memorial Gifts Committee

Judy Murad, Chair                             Betty Fuqua                           Laura Little

Carolyn Daughtrey                             Jeff Jefferson                          Lynn Whiteford        

Ben Alexander , Lead Pastor