New Small Group Opportunity!

Our schedules seem to be getting more and more hectic.  Even so, many of us want to stay on track with our spiritual journeys and keep our relationship with God strong and growing.  How do we do that along with everything else that Bible Study Groupfills our calendars?  

St. James is developing neighborhood small groups to help fill this need, and we are now looking for folks willing to host such a group in your home for at least the first two months as these new groups get launched.

Here’s what you need to know:
•    New groups will be given weekly questions to discuss based on the Scriptures used in the previous Sunday’s worship services.  
•    The group host will open up your home as a meeting place for the group and will, at least in the beginning, facilitate the conversation by encouraging discussion around the questions.
•    Members of the group can also draw on what they heard in the sermon (either in worship or online).
•    Each group will make decisions about when and how often to meet (weekly, twice a month, or monthly) and about other things such as childcare and refreshments.
•    After the group becomes established, different group members can choose to play host and/or facilitator for one or more months on a rotating basis.  You may also choose to use different material for your group discussions subject to approval from the Adult Ministries office.
•    The church can provide you with a list of St. James folks who live in your neighborhood and can also send out invitations for your group if you like.
•    You can also invite others in your neighborhood who are not yet connected to a church.  What a great way to offer the love of Christ to someone who has not yet experienced it!
If you are interested in helping us launch a small group in your neighborhood, please contact Joyce Day at 252-752-6154 or