New Study on Sundays

If you are looking for a way to deepen your spiritual life, join the new studies with the
Faith Followers class on Sunday mornings at 9:50 am in Room 23.
For December, The Faith Followers class is beginning a new DVD study called “Unafraid” by Adam Hamilton. It is a 5 week series that has been created for “anyone struggling with fear, worry, or anxiety, or who wonders how families and communities can live as peacemakers in trouble times.”
Week 1- Understanding and Countering Fear
Week 2 – Crime, Race, Terrorism, and Politics
Week 3 – Failure, Disappointing Others, Insignificance, and Loneliness
Week 4 – Apocalypse, Change, Missing Out, and Finance
Week 5 – Aging, Illness, Dying, and Fear of the Lord
In the new year, Faith Foundations will begin a DVD study called “This Invitational Life” by Steve Carter.
If you have any questions or need more information , please contact Sarah Jane Taylor at 252-714-9002.