Our Core Values

St. James is a large church. There are many activities, events, groups, ministries, and gatherings going on all the time. But at the core of all these things, are the values and ethics that we hold dear. They are what inspire us to do all of these things. They are our core values. This is who we are.

We Are Devoted

At St. James, we take our faith seriously. We want to give God our best, and nothing less. While we are grace-filled and forgiving, we also expect excellence. We expect our members to live into their vows.   #excellence

We Are Rooted

In a world dominated by the quick fixes and disposables, at St. James we are rooted on “the better part”. We worship. We study our Bibles. We pray. We participate in small groups. We celebrate the sacraments. We are open to the means of grace that God offers us for making us holy.  #prayer #worship #biblicalinstruction


We Are United

St. James is a big church. We have more activities than we can count. We have members of all ages and with diverse perspectives. We worship in different styles. But we are united in our belief of Jesus Christ as our Savior. We celebrate how Christ unites us despite our differences. And we celebrate how Christ unites us in mission and ministry through our denomination, the United Methodist Church.  #churchfamily

We Are Missional

The apostle James, from whom we take our name, once said, “Faith without works is dead.” St. James is a community not bound by the walls of our building. Our faith calls us not to serve ourselves, but to share the light of Christ with our community to the ends of the earth, that all may call Christ “Lord”.  #service