Registrations for Classes & Events


Wednesday Women Study

Wednesday Women to Begin New Study on May 15.
In every scene, every single day of your life, God is with you—before you, beside you and behind you. The Shepherd is with you and loves you. He can guide you when you are not sure of the next steps, provide rest when you are worn out and walk with you when the valley is dark. God is the Good Shepherd and provides comfort and confidence no matter what season of life we are in.
Join Wednesday Women for Jennifer Rothschild’s study Psalm 23, The Shepherd With Me. The class begins May 15 and runs through June 26, 2019. It will be held at the Retreat House on Wednesdays from 6:15 to 7:45 p.m. The series includes a video and workbook. Edie Snider will lead the class.

Ministry Survey

What would happen if we gave a Spring Fling and nobody helped?  Clothes strewn on the ground for people to pick through and buy, but no cashiers to take their money to support community services.  No delectable aroma of grilled chicken arising from the field behind the parking lot. A barren CLMC empty of auction items. A quiet Fellowship Hall with no books, no art, and no baked goodies. Sad.


New Member Classes Forming

The pastors cordially invite anyone thinking about becoming members of St. James to a one-session class on Sunday, May 19 from noon to about 3:00 p.m.

March’s class included thirty-one registrants seeking information about membership here at St. James United Methodist Church. Many have decided to take steps toward joining our congregation.

The classes will cover the following:
  • Getting to Know You–an overview of the entire class and an opportunity to introduce ourselves to one another
  • Core Values and Expectations–the values of being devoted, rooted, united, and missional and the promises we share as members of St. James
  • Discipleship Basics–Bible, Prayer, Worship, and Service
  • The Story of St. James–a walking history tour of St. James led by four longtime members and lay leaders of our congregation
  • The United Methodist Church and Wesleyan distinct traditions
  • Ministry at SJUMC–the “organizational chart” of ministry at St. James and how to plug into the ministry that inspires you; the nuts and bolts of participation

Sessions will be led by Pastors Ben Alexander and Mark Woods as well as lay leaders of St. James and Chris Garcia, director of Congregational Engagement.
The class will be held in the Fellowship Hall.  Please register by clicking the button below: