Another Spring Fling has                          come and gone…  
The trailers were emptied
Tents went up and were taken back down,
Chickens and Biscuits were cooked and eaten,
the Auctioneer did his thing…
The CROWDS came and they BOUGHT!
Thank you for joining us “Under the Tent” for an entire week!   
           Thank you for the hours you spent hauling, sorting, pricing,         and baking to help us achieve our goals.
We worked together with our recipients, dined like kings (thanks to Judy and her team), and were able to gross over $50,000 to help our local community during the 26th annual Spring Fling Event.

  Our 2018 community recipients are

CareNet Counseling East (CNCE)   

Operation Sunshine, INC.   

Greenville Learning Center  

Wahl Coates Elementary School 

Riley’s Army  and

Love a Sea Turtle


We hope YOU were here and experienced the spirit of St. James 

at our best… Under the Tent!

Spring Fling 2019

SPRING FLING 2019—Large Item Donation and Storage
It is not too early to get ready for SPRING FLING 2019! The upcoming event will be April 27, 2019. That seems like a long-time away, but you can begin donating your large furniture and appliances (potential tax credit for 2018) NOW!




A big Thank You to this year’s Spring Fling committee,
          working behind the scenes now to make it all happen again!
Chairs                                               Scott Carpenter and Brad Sykes       
Co-Chairs                                        Tammy Stephenson and Jeff Adams
Yard Sale Tent Supervisor                            Lisa Spruill
Marketing                                                      Cindy Beach
Bake Sale                                                     Linda McLane
Unique Boutique                               Georgia Potter and Sharon Loy
Breakfast/Pepsi Trailer                                Greg MacDaid
Auction                                                          Henry Groome
Auction Dinner                                              Becky Groome
Meals                                                               Judy Murad
Chicken                                                  UMM  (Spruill Alexander)
Art Sale                                                                  TBD
Cashier Coordinators                           Wally and Emily Heritage
Mark your calendars – Join us UNDER THE TENT!!  April 15- 21, 2018!