The Spring Fling Committee met Monday, April 26, to evaluate the recent “Springless” Spring Fling.  There was good news all around.


The generous donations of more than $13,400 from members of St. James plus the new proceeds of almost $3,000 from the sales of Chicken Dinners totaled $16,439.50.  That amount added to the previous balance of the Spring Fling account will meet our commitment to the six non-profit organizations which won grants totaling $19,200.


Recipients of the grants are CareNet Counseling East (CNCE), Council on Aging

ECU Medical and Health Sciences Foundation (ECU Smiles event benefiting migrant workers), JOY Soup Kitchen, Lamb’s Place, and Little Willie CDC.


CareNet, JOY Soup Kitchen, the Little Willie Center plus seven other organizations hosted volunteers on Springless Spring Fling.  The other organizations are Aces for Autism, the Center for Family Violence Prevention, Community Crossroads Center, Hope of Glory, Greenville Community Garden, Operation Sunshine, and Third Street Academy. More than 75 volunteers worked on Saturday morning for the ten groups.


More than 40 folks cooked and served 700 chicken plates—650 were sold and 50 were donated to the Community Crossroads shelter.  “I was overwhelmed by the number of people who bought plates,” said Randy Davis, president of United Methodist Men, which spearheaded the grilling of the chicken.


The United Methodist Women provided the light breakfast of donuts, juice, and coffee for volunteers.  Pastor Garrett sent the group forth with an inspiring message of service after the breakfast.


The Spring Fling Committee would like to host a similar event next year, perhaps with the addition of one or two other events to raise money, such as a bake sale and/or book sale.  The committee also agreed to create activities and perhaps provide a fully-staffed nursery to encourage the involvement of more families with young children.


Meanwhile, several leaders of organizations have been in touch to express their desire to continue their partnership with St. James (see accompanying story, “Opportunities to Serve”).


The committee will meet this fall to plan Spring Fling 2022.  If you would like to participate, please contact Chris Garcia at or call the church office at 252-752-6154.