Sunday School classes, ongoing through the pandemic, have continued to update topics of study.  Please note the varying times that each class meets.  Sources of information for each class are listed below.


NEW TOPIC!  Bible Study class—1st Peter.  9 a.m.  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL AARON SAMPSON


The Faith Followers class—Members have decided to return to in-person classes.  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL CAM EVANS


Faith Foundations class—“New Hope, New Joy,” a study of the Gospel of Luke.  9 a.m. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ARTIE ROGERS


Growing Together class—the class began a summer hiatus that will include monthly social gatherings.  9:15 a.m.   CLICK HERE TO EMAIL SPENCER LETCHWORTH 


The Life Enrichment class—Jen Wilkens’ “Sermon on the Mount.”  9 a.m.  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL JERRY MILLS


The New Dawn class—staying connected via emails and phone calls; they are not currently doing a study.  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL IRENE GEROW


NEW TOPIC!  Seekers class—Chris Tomlin’s and Darren Whitehead’s “Seven Words That Will Change the Way You Worship.” 10:00 a.m.



The Story class—Book of Genesis.  10 a.m.  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL JOYCE DAY


The Women on the Way (WOW) class—Max Lucado’s “You Are Never Alone.”  10 a.m.  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL LAURA SMITH