St. James KiDS

St. James KiDS, the children’s ministry of St. James UMC, is a place where faith, imagination and learning go hand in hand. Through creative, active, age-appropriate and Bible based experiences children are guided and encouraged to grow in faith and become deeply committed followers of Jesus.

We believe in…

-Encouraging kids to respond in faith to personal relationships with Christ, helping them discover their gifts as young disciples part of The Body.

-Welcoming, supporting, and equipping volunteers and families so that they can be active participants in the spiritual growth of children. 

-Upholding the belief that kids are the now of the church, not just the future




We encourage children to stay in worship with their families! We welcome their wiggles and their noises. To support children’s accessibility to the sermon, we provide meaningful worship packets full of activities related to the sermon, as well as Wacky Track Fidget toys at the entrance of each worship location.

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