The Beauty and Creative Expression of Flowers on the Altar

Every week, our worship in the Sanctuary is enhanced by the beauty and creative expression of the flowers on the altar. These flowers are donated by congregation members like you and placed on the altar by the Worship Support Team volunteers.

Altar flowers are a wonderful way to honor a special occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, holidays, etc.) or remember loved ones and friends who have passed away.  Is there someone that you would like to honor?

We have a few openings for donations of Altar Flowers. And remember, if you allow the flowers to be distributed to our shut-ins or local retirement communities following the services, you will bringing joy to many others AND your gift is tax deductible.

The Worship Support Team is also looking for members and friends who are willing to serve on the committee. If you love flowers or flower arranging or perhaps love to climb ladders (we have large banners to hang throughout the year) we welcome you to join us. If you have a garden from which we could cut flowers or greenery, please let us know!


To sign up or make arrangements for flowers, please contact the Church Office at 752-6154.


To sign up for the Worship Support Team, please contact Deborah Eaves ,  or the church office


Thank you for adding beauty to our worship!