St. James College & Young Adult Ministry

“Experience Community at St. James”

Gathering in Homes | Coming Together for Worship | Sharing Meals

We are a multinational community of students and young adults, a realization of the movement initiated by Jesus (making disciples of many nations) and put into practice first by St. Paul (there is neither Jew nor Greek). We eat, worship, and play together (love one another as I have loved you) and reach out as new students arrive to welcome them into the community.

We would love to meet you!

Join us for:


Free-Food Monday – a gathering of diverse students and young adults near campus to share a meal, conversation, and friendship, hosted by the Daewon and Laura Goldenbaum-Yang family, Jason Leighton, and local churches, Mondays 5:30 – 7 pm.

Friday Game Nights – an opportunity to play table games and more active sports, connect with new friends from around the globe, enjoy snacks and refreshments, and a cookout occasionally, organized by the Higher Education Committee, Fridays 7 – 9 pm, once a month.

Worship – students and young adults are active in worship as participants, praise band musicians, the worship tech team, and choir members. There are different worship times and styles at St. James. Go here for more information on the options.

Bible Study – There are several options for Bible study. Contact Laura Goldenbaum-Yang for more information.

Local Trips – We take trips to local attractions (a great ice cream shop, the Washington, NC, waterfront, hiking in River Park North) to give students a break from studying.

Connect Recitals – a new initiative organized by Jacob McCain, a master’s student in the ECU School of Music, to give students in the ECU School of Music opportunities to play at St. James before a live audience.

Friendsgiving – a collaboration among local churches and campus ministries featuring foods from around the world,  connections to new friends, and a service project to benefit the community.