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Last month, we sent a team of servants to Jamaica to represent Christ and St. James to the people there.  You can follow their travels and their work with their log below ….

The team is back safe and sound.  Enjoy the pictures below.


*** posted Feb. 20 ***

The work continues at Mr. Richardson’s home and installing new lighting at Old Pera church.

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*** posted Feb. 18 ***

Richardsons 1 Richardsons 2Richardsons 3 Richardsons 4

work on Mr. Richardson’s home going great.  Hope to start painting Mr. Richardson home today. He asked for sky blue. That is going to be tough.




** posted Feb. 14 **

The team members from Pitt county left Greenville on Feb. 13 at 9:00 pm.  We arrived at 11:30 pm.  One team member left his home in Clinton
at 4 pm and arrived at RDU at 6 pm.  The roads from Pitt county to the
airport were fair.  We did see some cars that had spun out due to ice.
It was the same for the member from Clinton as he drove to RDU.  The
bridges and the roadways into the airport were covered with ice which
made that part of the journey interesting. The 6 of us attempted to
sleep in the airport with little success. The other members arrived at
4 am on Friday, Feb. 14.  Some of them had a tough time due to new snow and ice that fell during the night in their community.
Our plane was almost on time but the captain made up for it as he flew us to Miami. We landed at gate 34 in Miami and then departed from gate 34 for Jamaica. What a great turn around. We also traveled with a mission team headed for Haiti and a college mission team to Jamaica.
The Haiti team is a medical team and the college student were going to
help provide food for the hungry and build a home. We had a great flight into Jamaica. We finally arrived at our home away from home at 5:30 pm. It is a tired team with very little sleep but ready to start building a home for Mr. Richardson bright an early tomorrow morning.


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