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2014 Advent Devotional Guide

Make the Advent Season special this year through the devotions of fellow St. James members.
Devotional guides are now available at the church.  Pick yours up this Sunday!
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Devotions run for the seasons of Advent & Christmas (Nov. 30 – Jan. 6th)

Announcements for this past Sunday!

The Arrive@5 highlights the top 5 announcements for the week 5 minutes before the service begins.  Here are the announcements for Sunday, December 7th!

A Message from the SPRC:

Monetary Gifts for Pastors and Staff

The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is often asked by individual St. James members during this time of year if they can give monetary gifts to our pastors and staff.  All of our staff are compensated by the church and gifts are neither encouraged nor discouraged.  If you are moved, you may certainly contribute to a gift for all the staff.  As Christmas nears, the SPRC will divide the accumulated gifts equally among our pastors and staff.  Thank you for thinking of our pastors and staff during this special time. 

Upward Basketball

St. James will be one of the hosts of the Upward Basketball program.  The Games will begin in 2015.  If your child would like to participate or if you can volunteer to help, please register here.

Entrance_001Sunday Dinners at Camp Don Lee

Enjoy a fantastic meal experience beginning at 11:00 am and going until 3:00 pm on select Sundays through the winter/spring.

To Find Information on this website:

You will find information on the website based on our Mission Statement to “Follow Jesus, Love Others, and Change the World” (see below for descriptions).  You will find registrations and materials for classes and events, audio files from our worship services, and a photo gallery in the “Registrations & Resources” section.  And make sure you check out the “Events” page to see what exciting things are coming up at St. James UMC!


Follow Jesus

In the “Follow Jesus” area, you will find programs and studies that help us learn about Jesus and his teachings and that encourage us to live by his example.  There are many opportunities for study at St. James – if you are wondering where to start, click on “A Place to Start” for an overview.


Love Others

The “Love Others” section presents opportunities to connect with others and serve one another at St. James.  These are ministry groups that are usually centered around some shared hobby or activity, but will always include fellowship  and friendship as a priority.


Change the WorldJesus commands us to go into all the world and make disciples.  In the “Change the World” section, you will find many opportunities to serve our community and take the message of Christ into our world.



Building Disciples IIBuilding Disciples II Logo

Would you believe that it has been over 3 years since we began the Building Disciples campaign?  And look at the wonderful things God has done in those 3 years!  We have a new Young Disciples wing offering our children a brand new and secure environment.  We have a new front entrance and lobby area (The Commons) for the church that connects and unites our facilities into one common building.  We have ample parking with a special handicap area near the Sanctuary and Chapel for the convenience of our congregation.  God has certainly blessed us in many ways! You have all been faithful and generous with your giving over the last 3 years, and God is not finished with us yet.  So we are picking up where we left off and starting the Building Disciples II campaign to continue to pay for our facility expansion.  Our monthly payment on an outstanding loan of $3.4 million, is a little over $19,000.  Your generous and faithful giving allows us to have these wonderful facilities to continue our mission for Jesus.  Please consider continuing or increasing your pledge for the Building Disciples II campaign, or if you have not pledged before, join with us as we seek to make disciples here in our community.

Hear how some of our members are responding to the Building Disciples II campaign:

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